Design and Construction
Design and Construction QVC Realty Co. Limited is committed to deliver projects to world-class quality standards. Through collaboration with some of the most capable minds in the world and in-house expertise
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Strategy and Acquisition
Strategy and AcquisitionA firm-wide commitment to transparency, a thorough understanding of the market, rigorous financial evaluation and detailed feasibility analysis,
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LegalA well-demonstrated history of legal experience in the Indian Real Estate industry allows QVC Realty's Legal team to provide efficiency and transparency
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Marketing Providing a pleasant, responsive and hassle-free Customer experience is fundamental to QVC Realty's guiding tenets. By tracking complex consumer trends,
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Finance QVC Realty's dedication to uphold trust and honesty in all aspects of its business operations directly dictates the activities of the Finance team. As guardians of the financial
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Human Resources
Human Resources The diversity of experiences and backgrounds of the QVC Realty team provides us with a unique, multi-faceted perspective on the Indian Real Estate Industry.
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Administration and Operation
Administration and Operation Pragmatic, hands-on experience, especially with large scale organizations in India, and a familiarity with local operational issues, permits the Administration and Operations team read moreread more

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