Indian Real Estate Investment Summit 2008, New Delhi, February 26 – 27, 2008.
Prakash talked about the “Current scenario & growth avenues for Indian real estate ”. The main topics discussed by him were:

  • Current scenario of Indian real estate
  • Main growth drivers of Indian real estate
  • Analysis and outlook of the residential, commercial office, retail, SEZ & hospitality sectors
  • Indian real estate : risks & challenges

The theme of this seminar was “Attracting investments and alliances, managing and sustaining growth, and building profitability in Indian Real Estate”, with focus on attracting investments and partnerships, identifying and overcoming growth challenges, mitigating risk from beginning to the end, and building long term profitability.

Alternative Investments India IQ 2008, Singapore, January 22 - 23, 2008.
Prakash made a presentation on “Sustainability Of Investments In Indian
Infrastructure” with focus on:

  • Funding models in infrastructure investments
  • Pros and cons of investing in infrastructure
  • Role of the private equity and hedge funds in infrastructure investments
  • Finding quality local partners

The overall theme of the seminar was dedicated to "Evaluating the current real estate, private equity and hedge funds scenario, and predicting the sustainability of these investments". Dscussions were held on latest opportunities, challenges and optimal practical investment strategies in the alternative asset classes, reviewing the landscape of hedge funds, mezzanine finance and microfinance opportunities in India, strategies to simplify the regulations guiding alternative investments in India and overcoming with the high degree of investment risk in Indian investments .

Real Estate Investment World Global Opportunities 2007, New York, October 31 – November 2, 2007.
The theme of this seminar was “A seismic shift in the global real estate market”.  The main topics discussed in the seminar were:

  • Trends in the global real estate investment market
  • Examining the relationship between infrastructure development, real estate development and price appreciation
  • City-wise and Sector-wise analysis of the Indian market
  • Luring foreign direct investments: What value do foreign investors add?

Prakash was one of the panelists in a discussion regarding “Real estate in India – Riding the wave of the Indian growth story”. The other panelists being Sumit Jha (Deputy Director, National Real Estate Development Council), Ashwin Ramesh (Principal, Primary Real Estate Advisors Pvt Ltd), and Rajnish Changrani (Vice President,  Red Fort Capital).

3rd Annual Real Estate Investment IQ 2007, Hong Kong, November 5 - 8, 2007.
This event focused mainly on “Taking Asian Real estate to the new level”. The key highlights of the event were:

  • Keynote address and interview from legendary real estate investor Sam Zell. And a hands on presentation to provide his expert insight and wisdom.
  • Contributions from over 15 leading property developers including Century Properties, Far East Consortium, GPT Group, HongKong Land, K Raheja and the Rockefeller Group

Prakash was the part of a panel discussion on “The Indian Real Estate Boom 2 Years On: Is The Party About to End?”, the other panelists being Chetan Dave (Chief Executive Officer, Sun Apollo Advisors), Seth Freeman (Chief Executive Officer, EM Capital Management), Sunil Mantri (Chairman, Mantri Group) and Kuldip Chawla (Chief Operating Officer, Unitech Realty Investors).

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